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We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website that will bring you the latest news, fixtures and all you need to know about our club. We would like to thank all of our clubs sponsors who support the club and allow us to make the difference in our community! Join us on our journey and good luck to all those associated with Shire Oak Saints.
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  1. Ages 4 up to 16
    Our club continues to support grassroots football with teams across the age groups. We currently have 17 teams ranging from Under 7's to Under 16's.
  2. All abilities welcome
    Players of all ability are welcome to join our groups! Whether your child has lots or very little footballing experience, we aim to develop and get more people involved within football.
  3. Boys & Girls
    The club supports the FA's vision of all genders taking part in football.
  4. Team Spirit
    Our club prides itself on helping children to take part in football and build a terrific community spirit through the opportunities that we offer.
See the latest events for Shire Oak Saints
  1. Next Shire Oak Saints Club meeting
    Our next official club meeting will take place on the Tuesday 10th May at The Royal Exchange, all club managers and coaches are encouraged to attend!
  2. Shire Oak Saints Tournament
    Our annual tournament is back! the tournament will be held over the two days with teams ranging from Under 6- Under 12. See Below for more details.
  3. Football Festival
    Shire Oak Saints and Walsall Wood football club launch the start of the new partnership by hosting a joint football festival! The event will be held at Walsall Wood football club on the first teams pitch, with teams from both competing against each other and invited teams at each age groups including the veterans.
  4. New Team Taster
    This morning some of our Academy players took part in a mini tournament at Shire Oak School. Two teams were formed to compete against other local teams entering into the league for the first time next year. Walsall Pheonix and Pelsall Villa came along to play against our groups. The event was a great success as they gained further experience playing against new teams like themselves! We continue to look for further playing opportunities for the guys as they prepare for their first season in football from September.
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